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Joy Curry About Us
For the last 23 years, Joy Curry & Tandoor, popularly known as just "Joy" by its loyal customers, has provided delicious Indian food to NYC residents since May 16, 1994. Our vision at Joy Curry & Tandoor is to serve healthy Indian food at an affordable price for all New Yorkers. We want every resident of this city to be able to enjoy and afford quality Indian food-- whether they be our customers who work in the financial district of our Midtown location, or the newly arrived immigrant looking for a quick affordable meal. With a customer base that has spanned 23 years and counting, our following of loyal customers are the backbone of our business, and the reason for our continued success. Even during the financial meltdown, our customers kept us alive and thriving.

Joy is not an upscale dining facility. Instead we cater to the fast food needs of the average New Yorker. We aim to provide well made Indian food, quickly and efficiently. In our Midtown location alone, we are able to serve hundred of customers daily. Our customers range from diplomats to taxi drivers. Joy understands what the average New Yorker wants in his/ her Indian food.

-We are vegan friendly. Most of our twenty vegetarian dishes do not contain dairy products.
-We donít use any gluten.
-We use only vegetable oil.
- We serve halal meat.

Abu Syed, Owner & Manager

Since April 1988, Abu Syed has worked in various capacities in the restaurant business, and the service industry. His experience spans over 28 years. He opened the first Joy on 28th street, Lexington Ave. It was located in the neighborhood famously known in the city as Curry Hill, due to the high number of Indian businesses and restaurants in the area. Despite the competition from other restaurants, the business has thrived until this day.

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